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Let’s Eat! Feeding Therapy helps children in Edmonton, St. Albert, Spruce Grove, and throughout Alberta develop the skills they need to create a happy experience for everyone!

Edmonton Feeding Therapy

We Bring the Fun Back to Feeding!

Let’s Eat! Feeding Therapy specializes in supporting families in Edmonton, St. Albert, Spruce Grove, and Alberta, in experiencing mealtime stress by providing pediatric feeding therapy to bring the fun back to feeding.

Feeding therapy helps children develop the skills necessary for successful eating, and helps families create happy, healthy mealtime experiences.

Therapy may include

  • Building oral motor skills like chewing by targeting jaw strength and stability, and tongue mobility.
  • Improving a child’s interoceptive awareness of hunger signals.
  • Integrating appropriate equipment to help the family meet their feeding goals.  
  • Improving fine motor skills including utensil use and ability to bring food to their mouth. 
  • Supporting a child in overcoming fears related to foods.
  • Educating families on best practice approaches to picky eating.

Feeding therapy is for children of all ages (0-18) who are picky eaters, messy eaters, slow eaters, or fussy eaters.

Common groups that benefit from feeding therapy include

  • Infants who are struggling with latching on a nipple or bottle,
  • Infants and children struggling with reflux,
  • Infants and children struggling with frequent gagging, coughing and choking while feeding,
  • Infants and children with tongue ties or tethered oral tissues (TOTs),
  • Children with sensory challenges including autism spectrum disorder or sensory processing disorder,
  • Children with disabilities including cerebral palsy and Down syndrome, and
  • Children with feeding disorders including pediatric feeding disorder, avoidant restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID), and eating disorders.


Curious if your family would benefit from feeding therapy? Take the Feeding Matters Infant and Child Feeding Questionnaire

If your child is not eating, it will negatively impact their health. Improving your child’s ability to eat well improves their health, digestion, sleep, peer relationships and provides more access to social opportunities.

Let’s Eat! Feeding Therapy supports families with children who are struggling to eat by making mealtime fun for everyone.

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Food Therapy in Edmonton

Pediatric Feeding Therapy Services

In feeding, the parent chooses what foods to serve, and where and when they’ll serve them. Your child chooses which foods they like and how much they’ll eat.

First Visit

Description: Our first visit will be a virtual session between the therapist, the parents or caregivers, and the child (if they are over 12 years old and interested in receiving the service). During this session, we will discuss your child’s feeding and eating challenges, and will develop a treatment plan for your needs.

Follow Up Visits

Description: During each follow-up session, we will continue to support families to adjust expectations and learn more about their children’s eating habits. We will also support your children by building their eating skills and becoming more engaged in feeding to bring back connection during mealtime.

Please note: home visits are only available for Edmonton and surrounding areas. Feeding therapy can be provided on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. Most of our visits are 60 minutes, but we have also have 120 minute visits available.

Edmonton and Calgary Eating Therapy

Why Choose Let’s Eat! Feeding Therapy?

Let’s Eat! Feeding Therapy is a feeding therapy practice owned and operated by an Occupational Therapist who specializes in pediatric feeding therapy. We dedicate our time and resources to being the best option for your child’s feeding therapy needs.

Many clients seek out feeding therapy to help their children with

Feeding Therapy in Edmonton and Calgary

Our Caring Team

Feeding Therapy Edmonton Calgary Red Deer Alberta Jenalyn Myggland

Food is so much more than fuel. Food is a way we express love, appreciation, and empathy. Food provides comfort and sparks conversation. It ties us to our memories, our cultures, and our family. So, when we are struggling with eating, we are missing out on more than nutrients, we are missing out on opportunities for connection and connection goes both ways. When our child is struggling to eat, we as a family are missing out on the opportunity to connect.

Jenalyn Myggland, MSc. OT, OTR(AB)

Occupational Therapist

Jenalyn understands the challenges of being a new mom. Struggling to understand why her newborn son was still hungry after feeding, she looked for help from experts. She was surprised at how little support and resources were available for new parents in Edmonton. She decided to complete additional education and use her skills as an occupational therapist to become the feeding therapist that her son, and community, needed.

Jenalyn completed a Bachelor of Physical Education in 2014 and a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy in 2017. She has over six years of experience as an occupational therapist and has experience in community and school-based pediatrics.

Professional development:

  • Feed The Peds: 12 Week Pediatric Feeding Course
  • The Get Permission Approach to Anxious Eaters, Anxious Mealtimes
  • University of Alberta’s Infant eating, feeding, and swallowing.
  • Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Level 1
  • Certificate In Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 

Jenalyn understands that it can be devastating as a parent when you feel like you cannot properly feed your child. Whether it’s a baby refusing the bottle, a toddler gagging on solid foods, or a teenager who only eats four foods – when we see our children struggling to eat, we feel like we failed them. She is committed to supporting her clients, and their families, in achieving their goals and strengthening their relationships. 

Edmonton Feeding Therapy

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All services are provided by an Occupational Therapist registered with the Alberta College of Occupational Therapists (ACOT).